The Art

of Branding

Is there nothing more satisfying for marketers then when your brand starts to get used like a verb? "I'll google it" - Probably not. And that's why you are about to get swapped. Trust our marketing agency help you develop your brand.

Our Services

Logo Design

A company logo is essentially the face of the organization, and it should tell prospective customers everything they need to know about your business right up front.

Brand Messaging

Are you communicating the values of your company effectively? Let us evaluate your brand and make a few suggestions. You'll like it. Promise.

Style Guide

Codify your brand's voice so every employee and stakeholder knows how to apply your branding.


How do you set yourself apart from the competition? At Swap we can carry out research and brand positioning studies. It help you set your targets and goals. 

Social Media Branding

Swap has a keen understanding of what content works on different social media. Swap effectively uses these platforms without sacrificing your brand's integrity.

Brand Voice

Brands are like people. Each one has a way to express itself. Allow Swap to help you find your voice and strike the right tone.

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