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Code 41




Code 41's goal is relatively straightforward: creating affordable mechanical watches with a process that is completely transparent with regard to origin and costs. The aim is to open up the black box of ‘Swiss Made’ and communicate directly with their customers about what kind of watches they are really producing. 

Code 41


by Swap

As a newcomer in the swiss watch market, Code 41 was looking for content to showcase its first collection of crowdfunded watches. Swap worked on a packshot with specific technical necessities to achieve the desired result of a suspended rotating timepiece.

Code 41 used the content on its website and social media during the brand’s launch period. 

At Swap we specialise in all types of video production. We understood that Code 41 required packshots for their watches as an important stimulus to sales. Our work, ultimately, had the goal of triggering in-store and on-shelf product recognition.

The key to our work meant that the lighting was set precisely to provide a 3-dimensional perspective of the object. Colours should were rendered in their natural tones. The final outcome combined elements of aesthetics, art and photographic technique.

The Packshot

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