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Brand identity, E-commerce, Content, Google Ads, SEO, SEM 


  1. +30'000 CHF Revenue two weeks after online store launch 

  2. 1st Page Google Ranked Web two days after launch

  3. Brand ID created in 1 week




The Genius Shield is a product invented by Swiss-based dentist Dr. Giovanni Garavaglia when COVID 19 first broke out in 2020. It's the safest protective equipment invented to prevent patient-dentist viral transmission. 

Genius Shield

Genius Shield

By Swap

COVID 19 changed everyone's lives. In April of 2020, Swap was approached by Dr. Giovanni Garavaglia. He had invented a simple way to keep his patients safe during the Corona crisis. Swap was set the challenge of marketing this important invention. A brand, promotional materials and multiple sales channels were developed by Swap.In a matter of weeks dentists across the planet where receiving their Genius Shields. 

Combining creative content with performance-based marketing we were able to help sell more than 30'000 Swiss francs worth of life saving PPE. The Genius Shield was sold in Europe, South America, North America and Asia using Swap's e-commerce solution. Its pricing strategy and distribution channels were carefully managed online by Swap throughout the COVID 19 crisis. 

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The Logo

We set out to created a logo that represented the simplicity of the product. We used an arch to personify the protective nature of the Genius Shield. The arch is also interpreted as a "new dawn" or a "new era" of hope.  

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