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GreenGo's mission is to provide fresh, 

healthy and local food options for busy Geneva folk.


Ideally placed near the Geneva city centre, GreenGo sells superfoods, juices and smoothies. Swap helps GreenGo bolster it's brand values and grow digital sales channels. 


Having a great idea is one thing. Put it into practice and creating a viable business is another. GreenGo set out to offer healthy food and drink options to anyone living or visiting Geneva. Although the company successfully secured a prime real estate location at Halles de Rive in Geneva's city centre, it needed to make people aware of it's existence.

By producing quality image and video content, Swap was was able help GreenGo up it's social media game. Currently, Swap is taking GreenGo one step further in it's digital marketing by developing social media campaigns. An eCommerce designed by Swap will soon be launched to help GreenGo claim digital real estate and grow its business.




Swap helps GreenGo showcase their fresh food and drinks offer everyday by targeting key local audiences.

We help GreenGo market their food as a local Geneva provider of fresh juices and food.

Nothing like a healthy dose of fresh beautiful content to attract customers to your shop. 

GreenGo has recognised that it's physical location is not enough. In today's world one must have digital real estate. Swap is developing GreenGo's eCommerce website.

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