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Content Creation, Social Media Growth


1. + 100% IG follower increase

2. Average IG Post Engagement = 3.4%

3. Boosted in-store sales & bookings



Since 2018

Herstreet is an urban centre situated in Geneva's trendy Eaux-Vives neighbourhood. Their mission is to help women pursue social and professional ambitions while offering a designed-to-purpose environment.  


Freckeled female with faceial moisturizer on


by Swap

Swap was approached by Herstreet in 2018. Herstreet helps women in their pursuit for professional success by facilitating access to healthy lifestyle choices. The urban centre hosts a café, yoga studio, women's only cowork, children's play area, a fashion boutique and periodic pop-up stores.

The variety of businesses hosted by Herstreet meant that marketing content needed to strike the right chord with a diverse subset of women in Geneva. Entrepreneurial women as well as busy mothers needed to know Herstreet was available and ready to help them.

Swap developed a continuous flow of social media content for Herstreet. Videos, images, client testimonials and inspirational quotes highlighted the diverse service offering made available by the woman's centre. Special events and short-term offers required careful media calendar planning. 


Keeping Herstreet on brand across various digital channels paved the way for continuous client growth. Today, Herstreet remains in business and is the only women's centre of its kind in Switzerland. 

Social Media Content

Herstreet's Corporate video was filmed on location in Geneva, Switzerland. The highlight reel takes the viewer on a voyage through the various activities and services available to clients. Swap made sure that this trip through the world of Herstreet highlighted its unique selling proposition.

Careful storytelling though images allows the video to express Swap's client business without the use of stock imagery or text. Careful editing work and sound selection helps keep a dynamic feel of the women's centre throughout the 55 seconds it took Swap to tell Herstreet's fascinating business proposition.  

Corporate Video

Other Swap Projects

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