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Every client brings a new set of challenges to Swap. We provide creative solutions so our clients can grow their businesses. Scroll down to see some of our client case studies and insights.



Swap created a series of videos, images and designs for Herstreet's different marketing channels. 


A solid Instagram posting schedule and great content always on brand, that's been our organic strategy for Herstreet.


Continuous posting of native content allowed the Instagram account to triple in followers in less than a year while keeping an engagement rate of 3%. 

Asha Experience

Video Strategy

Asha has improved it's communication and branding by developing video material with the help of Swap. 

Brand Identity

Logo creation, brand guide book and color selections are just a few things Swap has helped Asha do to consolidate it's brand identity. 

Web Design

With a limited budget, Swap was able to help Asha design and launch a website.



Product Photography

Swap's photographers have helped capture the essence of GreenGo's healthy offers. 

Social Media

By sharing special offers across different platforms, Swap has helped to secure a constant flow of visitors to GreenGo. 

Sales Strategy

Swap has helped GreenGo keep their sales healthy. Targeted campaigns and special offers has created loyal customers.

Genius Shield


In 72 hours Swap helped Genius Shield create an E-commerce website that accepts payment with major credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal. 

Graphic Design

Marketing materials that are on brand where developed by Swap. Customers have been able to access help videos, images and technical information since product launch.


The Genius Shield website, Google Analytics and email capture has been integrated into a remarketing campaign. It keeps clients informed of the latest deals and product developments. 


Video Production

Videos highlighting the hotel's unique selling proposition have been shot on location. 


Careful studies of visitor sentiment are carried out regularly to help Ermitage improve their service offer. 


Since the launch of the Ermitage website Swap has helped the hotel portion itself on Google rankings. 



Promotional Video

In order to promote the event, Swap was able to produce event footage that attracts more event participation.

Event Coverage

By covering the event, Ted X was able to record their efforts and relive the event on demand

Post Event Editing

Taking unused event footage, Swap was able to edit videos and highlight the event's off-scene atmosphere.


Business Tools

Swap was able to develop a series of marketing materials that the marketing team uses to sell the product.


By using animation graphics in some of their videos, Multiwave brought to life their technology through video.


Explain it to me like if I was 12 years old. Swap helped Multiwave explain their technology to all audiences. 

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