How Effective is LinkedIn?

Here's the short answer to the question: very effective.

But nothing is that simple.

You need to understand LinkedIn and develop a strategy specific to this platform.

While researching for this story I checked out LinkedIn's statistics. They are impressive. Here are some things I think you should know if considering promotion on LinkedIn.

  • 93% B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to the most effective site for lead generation

  • 80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies to enhance their decision making

  • 64% of corporate website visits originate on LinkedIn.

  • 51% of companies acquired a B2C customer on LinkedIn.

  • 50% of LinkedIn members report that they are more likely to buy from a company they engaged with on LinkedIn

With all these impressive stats, why is LinkedIn not more popular with marketers?

My impression is that many of us still consider LinkedIn largely as a an HR platform. Although this might have been true when it first launched, LinkedIN has developed greatly. Today, LinkedIN should also be considered a lead generation/business social media platform. In short, it's the ideal social media for B2B marketing.

Where else can you effectively segment users by their professions so effectively and for free? Not many places.

How to get started on LinkedIn?

Make sure you have an account on LinkedIn. From that account you can create a company profile (for free). Now all your team members can associate themselves to that company profile by just stating that they work there on their personal accounts. This means anyone that sees your colleagues profiles are just a click away from discovering your businesses details.

Once you complete your business page's profile, LinkedIn will start showing your company to anyone who searches keywords associated to your industry. That can generate a few leads.

The important thing to keep in mind here is that you now exist.

What to do while on LinkedIn?

Share content. To position your organisation as an industry leader it is important to invest in good content. The latter is true for any platform by the way. So LinkedIn is no exception to the rule.

But here is the difference.

According to LinkedIn, their users are more avidly willing to consume content about the industries they work in. It makes sense. That is why they're on the platform in the first place. To better themselves and network within their industry.

Use the different posting tools that LinkedIn has developed. Video, images and article writing are all available on the platform.

I love LinkedIn's article writing tool. If you go to the article writing tool it will lead you to a publishing tool. You’ll then be able to create a prominent headline, upload an eye-catching image, and share your knowledge on a topic.

What I like about this is that instead of writing an entire blog you can give the reader some paragraphs of your blog post and then leave them a link to the full story on your website's blog.

This way, when someone reads your content and gets hooked, they’ll click through to your website to find out more. Once they're on your website your UX can convince them to click around and become more familiar with your unique selling proposition.

Writing articles on regular basis will also give your company profile a nice library of content, plenty of backlinks to your website and assert you as an authority on whatever it is that you do.

LinkedIn claims that 1/10 articles gets a hit. So take this strategy seriously and make sure your content is good.

What is good?

At this stage good means that you create interest. Enough interest for someone reading to want to click and read more about what you are saying. If you manage to do that you will get people clicking. By driving traffic to your website you are able to get them one step closer to contacting you or visiting your online store. And if they are convinced by what you say they will be more easily persuaded to invest in your product or service.

How to cut through the clutter with LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads used to really suck. However, since Microsoft invested in them they seem to have changed things around.

There's a big choice of ad type.

You can create sponsored content, regular text ads, or even send targeted messages with a sponsored InMail.

More importantly, you can utilize LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences tool to retarget the visitors that are already in your sales funnel.

Matched Audiences allows you to retarget website visitors, upload your existing accounts, or even add email contacts to target with LinkedIn ads. Remarketing this way is not just simple but very, very effective.

According to 98% of your website visitors will not convert in their first visit to your website. And its true, at Swap Agency in Geneva we have noticed that clients who have entrusted us with their e-commerce websites are doing well if they have 1-2% conversion rates.

Because LinkedIn’s audience is composed mostly from professionals your audience is more likely to buy.

By setting up Matched Audiences on LinkedIn you can place your ads in front of your pre-existing network. This optimises your cost per click and conversions.

Professional Digital Networking is key.

We like to buy from people we know. So getting to know people on LinkedIn is quite easy. You can search for people by industry, location and even by company. If they accept your invitation you can start using the message function to get to know them better. This is totally free.

However, you might be in a bit of a hurry.

Once you find the person you’re looking for, you can use the paid feature InMail to introduce yourself.

If you want even more specific results, you can utilise the more advanced search features by selecting the All Filters tab. There’s much more customisation in your search this way, with narrower results.

But even by using the free capabilities LinkedIN provides you can introduce yourself and show potential customers you are proactive. That shows potential investors you are not a sit around "and let them come to me" type of person.

LinkedIn Groups are another way you can connect and interact with like-minded professionals in your industry.

It’s a place where you can go to create conversations about what’s happening in your world with the people who will appreciate it most. You’ll then be able to see which conversations in the groups you follow and become a member of have been the most active.

Discover new groups in your industry and request to join them.

Once in a group, you can have conversations with specific professionals in that circle.

You’ll be able to share ideas, insights, or ask questions of other individuals in your industry.

Again, you can join like-minded professionals and network...for free.

Another awesome way to lead generate on LinkedIn is to create your own groups.

If you can’t find a community that’s for your industry, or if you want to provide a curated window for your audience to communicate about what you’re doing, this is a good option.

Group ownership helps you stand out as a leader in your industry and it gives you a steady pulse on what others think of your innovations.

Don't underestimate the power of Linked in.

Did I mention that LinkedIn currently has over half a billion users?

If you’re doubting the longevity of the platform, here is some advice for you.


LinkedIn has proven that they’re not done yet. They keep growing. If your want more expert advice on how to grow your influence on LInkedIn make sure you contact Swap Agency in Geneva. We offer expert advice and have very affordable content creation services that can be tailored to your strategy.

Hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime I hope you will connect with me on LinkedIn.


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