We are a team of creatives offering smarter tactical business solutions.

Combining content strategy with precision marketing, Swap Agency offers brands the ability to produce more focused and accurate marketing campaigns.


We create eye-popping video for all budgets and needs.

Our boutique agency style allows us to deliver services quickly. While content is king, we also believe marketing decisions require less guessing and a more facts-based approach. Our marketing team gathers customer data, analyses it, and then uses it to help clients improve their advertisement campaigns, SEO and SEM. 


Lorenzo De Miranda

Partner + CEO

Lorenzo is a hands on CEO. That means he does the client calling, website design, accounts management and a whole lot more.


He graduated from Tufts University in the USA. Lorenzo speaks German, French, English, and Portuguese fluently.


Lorenzo has worked on global brands and directed international marketing firms before starting Swap Agency.

With decades of film making experience under his belt, Martino ensures quality video and image content for clients.


He is a proud graduate of the University of Rome ("la Sapienza") and specialised in film in New Zealand. 


Currently, Martino produces film content and editing at Swap Agency in Geneva.

Pablo has worked in marketing and communications for 20 years.


He has a masters in degree in sustainability and graduated at the University of London.


Before joining Swap he collaborated with global brands, the UN and UK Government. 


Martino Frongia

Pablo Retamal

Film + Photography Director

Marketing Director


Film + Photography / Digital Ads / Web Design /



- Herstreet

- Select Dental

- GreenGo

- Russian Ballet Jewels

- Ermitage

- Assimilate

- Asha

- TEDx

- Code 41

- Multiwave

- Genius Shield